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Eye constitution

Автор: . 29 Июн 2012 в 10:17

The organ of sight consists of an eyeball, the defensive apparatus, including an orbit and appendages of an eye, nerve pathways and centres. We will be shut down in the core on an anatomical constitution of an eyeball – for the reason what exactly its pathological changes become a bottom for development of those two […]


Glaucoma and cataract protective treatment

Автор: . 18 Дек 2012 в 18:17

Age illnesses of eyes – the glaucoma and a cataract – are capable to deprive of the person of many pleasures. They not only bring in life the infinite efforts (necessity of visitation of doctors, drug intake, occasionally even processes), but sometimes and do not yield to perceive that was accessible before: to see amenities […]

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A delivery at refinement and treatment of articulate diseases

Автор: . 18 Дек 2012 в 18:03

The information on favour of those or diverse yields and their builders was foolproof to discover in miscellaneous radiants. However often it is contradictory, deficient and confused. We will try to understand this chapter, «that such is good and that such is bad» for sick of an arthritis, an arthrosis and other diseases, what yields […]

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Interesting procedures of environmental sanitation of a vertebrae

Автор: . 18 Дек 2012 в 17:53

Expensive readers, now, I hope, you fully "are grounded" and in problems of illnesses of a back, and in methods of controlling with these illnesses. Also should perceive that the best treatment is a protective treatment of illness. Even if you have purchased this book for mum or the grandmother, without preparing to follow the […]

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Delivery and sight

Автор: . 10 Дек 2012 в 3:21

What is the balanced diet? To avoid eye diseases, it is necessary to eat correctly. Was relevant to check the weight, and also to track that a delivery was rationalised, that is completely ensured an organism with all matters indispensable for it. So, at first, it should not be redundant on volume basis accepted nutriment. […]

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Protection of eyes by operation with the computer

Автор: . 07 Дек 2012 в 9:04

The majority of the modern people on operation and dwellings are anyhow bound to the computer. Even schoolboys lead behind the screen monitor a lot of time in the course of cooking of lessons. Unfortunately, the durable examining of the flickering shield fatally influences a state of tissues of an eyeball and can provoke development […]

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Fangotherapy in ophthalmology

Автор: . 03 Дек 2012 в 0:10

At the heart of physiological activity of a fangotherapy the is excitatory-reflex gear lies. Its effect is conditioned by thermal, physicochemical and biological singularities of muds. The medical mud superimposed on a certain somite, affects not only on subject tissues, but is reflex causes response and from more distant organs and systems. Now at eye […]

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Prophylactic refinement of eyes: extracts and decoctions of grasss for washing

Автор: . 28 Ноя 2012 в 21:58

In national medicine the best means for refinement of eyes the parsley is considered. It is necessary to weld up simply medium-sized a bundle of this grass in 1,5 l of boiled water and to insist 3–4 hours, and then to filter. If the person feels not only fatique, but also rez in eyes – […]

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Автор: . 25 Ноя 2012 в 13:15

The acupressure bottom is constituted by teaching about acupuncture points on a body surface. Their total number attains 772, however 60-100 cores more often are used. Points transfer bioelectric pulses of an organism and are bridged in special trajectories ("line of longitudes") which one lead vital energy "chi". Therapy chzhen-tszju, including acupuncture, cauterising and acupressure, […]

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The Chinese exercises

Автор: . 24 Ноя 2012 в 12:42

Interplay of physical agents Chineses always attached great value of harmony and to a balance of power and energies. In the processes happening in the nature and a cosmos, individual properties of physical agents play much a smaller role, than interplay in between. In any vital process of physical agent create, equilibrate and restrain each […]

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Massage for protective treatment of illnesses of eyes

Автор: . 22 Ноя 2012 в 19:15

Massage of eyes and eyelids which one can be led regularly self-contained, makes good tonic impact on circulation of blood, optic nerves and nerve terminations. The most simple variety of such massage – when both eyes by two setpins, index and medial are simultaneously massed. On eye bottom edge – driving to a nose, on […]

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